After attending high school at Baton Rouge magnet school, Nikki Franks received her first law degree from the University of Greenwich in England.  She was awarded her LL.M. (Master of Laws degree) "with merit" by London Metropolitan University in December 2010.  Her subject was European and International Law.  Her master's thesis was a "first" (best in her class).

For the past seven years, Nikki has lectured in law at North West Kent College in London. 

In 1998, Nikki attended St. Mary's Church of England High School in London, a school of about 1,000 students, founded in 1707.  Three months after moving to England and enrolling in school there, this "new kid on the block" decided to run for the highest elected student office in her new school.  Running against five opponents, she was chosen by her classmates as Head Girl of St. Mary's (in American parlance, president of the student body).  She remained in England to serve the position for which she had been chosen, and has lived in England ever since.

Prior to 1998, Nikki attended Baton Rouge Magnet High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she was active in debate.

A dual citizen of the United States and the Republic of Ireland, Nikki has lived and attended school in the United States, Ireland, and years later France and England (two years in high school, five years in university and law studies, and two years completing Master of Laws degree in European Law).

After spending a year in school in France at age 11, Nikki was a guest newscaster on Louisiana Public Broadcasting's French-language television newscast.  She speaks fluent French and is a voice on tapes prepared by Louisiana State University to enable schools to test students' comprehension of spoken French.

In 1994, Nikki and her sister, Yvette, represented their middle school in the city-wide oratorical contest sponsored by the Optimist Club.  Nikki won first place in the city-wide competition, and her sister won second place.  The feat was repeated the following year, 1995, with Nikki again winning first place and Yvette second.

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