Meet Maurice Franks


Maurice Franks, a native of Chicago, received his Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Memphis.  He presently serves as professor of law at Southern University, where he teaches family law, evidence, conflict of laws, private international law, advanced legal writing, and agency and partnership.

Professor Franks served one year (on leave of absence from Southern University) as professeur associe at l'Universite de Cergy-Pontoise in Paris. Professor Franks speaks French.

Earlier, Professor Franks served as law clerk to Chief Justice John A. Dixon of the Supreme Court of Louisiana, following which he served as assistant district attorney in New Orleans under Jim Garrison.

Professor Franks holds an airline transport pilot's license, has worked as a certified flight instructor, and holds basic, advanced and instrument ground-instructor credentials as well.  He has flown all across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

A dual citizen of the United States and the Republic of Ireland, Professor Franks has lived in the United States and Ireland, and years later in France and England teaching American law. Beginning in 2005, he set up Southern's study-abroad program in law, which he ran from 2005 to 2015.

A life member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Professor Franks's interests include astronomy, cosmology, quantum physics, and photography.

Married to Maylene Franks, he is the rather proud parent of three daughters, Moira, Yvette and Nikki.

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