Available in library!

For SULC Students, Faculty and Staff

Students, faculty and staff at Southern University Law Center will be pleased to know that a copy of Professor Franks's book has been placed on reserve in the law library.  Just ask for The Universe and Multiple Reality. 

Yes, you can learn the exact physical processes by which time travel, miracles, and paranormal manifestations are possible.

If you've ever wondered about parallel universes, multiple reality, and the many-worlds hypothesis, this is the book that explains all in terms that any law student, faculty or staff member should be able to understand.

Law students are cautioned to savor this book only over holidays or on vacations, as the book is engrossing and fascinating-but utterly unrelated to anything taught in Professor Franks's law courses.  The book is neither required nor recommended reading for any of Professor Franks's law courses.  Reading the book will not earn extra credit.  That said, law students should feel free just to enjoy the book!

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Copyright 2011,  M. R. Franks.  All rights reserved.